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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Ooops - Official Website Web Cams

I have heard from countless folks, both online and in person at the aquarium about the web cams on the official website. So, I thought I would offer an explanation.

Unlike most aquariums, the Florida Aquarium decided to put cameras into the actual tanks, instead of placing them outside looking in. While this creates a more realistic view & appearance, it does bring complications. Salt water is not a kind to electronics, and neither are fish. So the result is that most of the cameras no longer function.

Unfortunately, this has been overlooked by the auqarium webmaster, who still has the web cam links throughout the official website. Just disregard them.

Hopefully, we can get new cameras installed outside of the tanks that will last. If you know of a vendor of IPCameras that might be interested in contributing a half dozen to the aquarium, please let us know!

I would love to know your impressions of the official website as well! Please post your comments!

Dr. Tim


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