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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Avoid Shark Dangers

Florida Shark Safety

As we head into another summer beach frenzy, it is worth reviewing shark safety tips.

While sharks doe not like humans (to eat) in general, they make mistakes, and can be territorial. So it is best to practice safety first.

Ways To Avoid Shark Attacks

While one is more likely to be struck my lightning than bit by a shark, it is still important to take precautions.

It is recommended you abide by the following guidelines to ensure your swimming experience in the ocean is a safe one:
  • Never swim alone. Use the buddy system.
  • Keep away from murky water. Swim where the water is clear. That way sharks can SEE you and avoid you.
  • Don't swim where people are fishing or near run-off or drainage areas. This will confuse their sense of smell.
  • Also steer clear of steep drop-offs, channels or river mouths where sharks are found.
  • Avoid swimming during dawn, twilight or evening hours. This makes it more difficult to see you and differentiate food from people.
  • Avoid wearing shiny jewelry or highly contrasting bathing suits that can visually attract or confuse sharks.

Remember, sharks don't have High IQs!

Dr. Tim


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