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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Baby Update!

Over the last couple of months, several new critters have come to the Aquarium. Take a peek here on our Babies Page

Welcome IVAN! The New Baby River Otter! Ivan is terribly cute, and will make his appearance in the next few months. So be sure to keep an eye out for him! (that's Ivan in the photo at right)

Amazingly, several new Cow Nosed Ray babies have been born. This is the first year where baby rays have been born at the aquarium, so the husbandry and veterinary staff have been learning about their care first hand. Caring for baby stingrays in captivity is a major scientific challenge, but the staff have been up to the task! While you can't see them on display at the Aquarium, we have photos of them here on our Baby Ray page

We have also had baby fish and baby birds too! Check out our Babies Page for all of them!

We have also been adding new fish!

When new fish come to the Aquarium, they first go through a thorough quarantine process, to make sure no harmful organisms make their way into the exhibits. The first are kept in a special quarantine area, until they are ready to be moved into one of the exhibit tanks. As always, we show you the real Aquarium behind the scenes, so you can see the quarantine area yourself:

New Fish:

New young barracudas have been added in the Estuaries tanks (just before Bays & Beaches as you are leaving the Wetlands). See them here

Two new Porcupine Puffer Fish have been added.

One is in the entrance tank in the Coral Reef exhibit (just as you walk into Coral Reefs). His name (per the unofficial unauthorized naming committee (Tim & Kim)) is Puffy Junior! (because Puff Daddy is in the main Coral Reed Panorama tank). See him here:

The other new Porcupine Puffer was added by the delivery team of Emily & Emily, to the Beaches exhibit. His name is H.R.Puffinstuff. Say hello next time your at the Aquarium. They are really cute! See him here: And you can also see the release on our Animal Care page:

We also have new Atlantic Stingrays in the lobby touch tank.

With all that has been added, it's definitely time to come back and check out the Florida Aquarium!

Dr. Tim


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