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Sunday, July 09, 2006

More New Critters!

Well, the Aquarium Staff have been busy as, well, um - Otters! lately! They have added a whole boatload of new critters! We told you about the gators and the porcupine puffers already. But wait there are more...

Some new birds have been added to the wetlands. There are two common moorhens, and new wood ducks (2 males, 2 females total), and one new whistling duck (making 4 total - good thing there were four Marx brothers, so we don't have to change their names: Groucho, Harpo, Chico, and now Zepo!).

Lots of new fish were added to different tanks too. Of course the new barracudas in the Estuary tank. A few spiny lobsters were added to the lobster tank in the Bays and Beaches area. (Including the HUGE one). 2 spiny lobsters were added to the Squirrel Fish tank in the Coral Reef Caves; plus a Spanish lobster and a slipper lobster were added to the concave tank, also in the Caves. Many different small fish, including: a sharpnose puffer, a sea star, and a baby porkfish were also added in the small reef fish tank next to the small nurse sharks also in the Caves.

A bat crab was added to the last Estuaries tank (This tank is one of the last tanks on your left walking out of the wetlands.) Also a scrawled filefish was added to the shallow side of the Coral Reef tank (just as you enter the Coral Reef galleries).

Besure to check them out on your next visit! We will try to add photos to the Photo Tour website as soon as possible.

Dr. Tim


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