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Sunday, October 01, 2006

More Critter News!

News from our friend Kristine Sanchez one of the Education Department's Dive Interpreters:

There are "tons" of new sea stars in the No Bones Zone touch tank. 5 pink stars, 6 rainbow stars, 6 false ochres, 23 ochres, 27 bat stars were all added last week. Some of these new sea stars have some beautiful colors to them, so go check them out.

How many sea stars are there in a ton? Any guesses?

There are new graphics in the Wetlands area. All the educational signs about the animals have all been replaced.

The Koi pond is complete! The exhibit is located on the second floor balcony, just outside the doors near the No Bones Zone touch tank.

This is part of the new outdoor rest area constructed in the 2nd floor balcony, overlooking Explore A Shore. It's a good place to get away, and smoking is permitted out there.

It seems like new coral is just growing everywhere! Lots of new sea plumes, sea fans, and sea whips have been added to the Coral Reef tank. The tank looks very vibrant now.

Also some sea plumes were added to the wrasse and bubble tank located in reef mysteries (Reef Caves).

Some new plants were added to the spring’s exhibit as well. Just look up when you walk into the wetlands.

Thanks Kristine!

It looks like the staff has been hard at work adding to the exibits! It is not often said, but the Florida Aquarium's staff and volunteers do outstanding work, so that we all can enjoy the exhibits and animals that the Aquarium houses! Kudos!

Dr. Tim


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