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Saturday, August 12, 2006

And End Of An Era - Just For A While!

As many have noticed over the last few months, the Lobby Stingray Touch Tank, isn't what it used to be. And unfortunately, many a child and adult have been unhappy by not being able to touch a ray.

Well, the current stingray touch tank is NOW a thing of the past. It will be taken down in the days to come, to be replaced by a much better touch tank, similar to the one now at Tropicana Field! If you came to the Florida Aquarium especially to see the rays, they have been moved.

The new tank is supposed to be double the size, with a lower side to make it easier for children to see and touch the rays. It is supposed to be populated with Cow Nosed Rays also, which are much more social and friendly than those that were in the smaller tank. The reason that we didn't have Cow Nosed Rays in there in the first place was that the current tank was too small. After all, the touch tank was originally designed for Dogfish (a kind of small shark

Once the current tank is removed, the space will be used for the Penguin Show. This will go on while the massive new filtration and plumbing system is put in place for the new tank. Then in January, construction of the new lobby stingray touch tank is supposed to begin, with completion in February 2007 (only six months away - so be sure you've got your annual membership so you can come on back!).

If you would like a peek at what it might look like, take a look at the Tropicana Touch Tank (visit and click on Stingrays to see the Tropicana Tank as well as the current touch tank).

To see the rays that were in the Touch Tanks:
  1. The three small Atlantic Stingrays are now in the Coral Caves! Just look up!
  2. The two Southern Stingrays: Miss Piggy and Sunshine, are now in the Beach tanks, but can not longer be touched in that tank. Also, the two dark Atlantic rays were also placed in the Beach tank.

There will be other upcoming new things coming to the Florida Aquarium also in the months to come, so stay tuned to our Blog for all the scoop!

Dr. Tim


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