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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Fishy News

Well they have been at it again!

A whole bunch of new fish! So next time you visit, take this along as scavenger hunt for you and the kids!

Here's the list courtesy of my buddy Kristine:

Beach Exhibit

  • lizardfish 1
  • Ocean Surgeonfish 6
  • Yellow goatfish 1

Coral Reef Tank
(the shallow side is where you just walk into the Coral Reef side of the Aquarium)
(the deep side is the larger panoramic view)
  • porcupine puffer fish 1 (shallow side)
  • scrawled filefish 1 (shallow side)
  • banded butterfly fish 4 (shallow side)
  • four eyed butterfly fish 10 (shallow side)
  • midnight parrotfish 1 (deep side)
  • stoplight parrotfish 1 (shallow side)
  • princess parrotfish 1 (shallow side)
  • Bluestripe Grunt 121 (deep side)
  • French Grunt 120 (deep side)
  • Saucereye porgy 1 (shallow side)
  • Yellowtail snapper 8 (deep side)
  • Queen Angelfish 3 (shallow side)
Also the Planktivores exhibit in Sea Hunt is back up. It looks great so go check it out.

Thanks to everyone at the Aquarium! You guys do a great job!

Dr. Tim


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