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Sunday, July 09, 2006

New @

What's New!

Since I created the site last year, the public response has been wonderful.

I have received dozens of emails tanking me for: creating a way to preview the Florida Aquarium for those that had never visited; teachers who valued the depth of content that they could use for their students; visitors that were able to share their visit with friends and families; and even Aquarium staff who enjoy my quirky snaps of them doing fishy things! The site has also been a boon to the event sales, since it shows off the Aquarium so well.

Thank you all for your great comments!

I have recently added much more to the site. Whole new sections have been added, as well as incremental items. Here is a short list of what's new!

First and formost, you have to check out our EXCLUSIVE ART SHOW called CryptoAquarium featuring the amazing photo-art of my friend 'amon' from the United Kingdom. Trust me, you just have to see it to understand!

What's New page has been added to help!

Be sure to check our
Aquarium Babies page for new babies

Several new pages have been added to the
website Behind The Scenes Tour, including: Animal Care (with pix of new animals too), and Animal Quarantine (show new animals before they are added to the exhibits).

A new
Florida Aquarium History page has been added.

A new
About The Florida Aquarium page has been added, with easy one-click access to MapQuest location and directions.

If you are looking for the list of
Upcoming Events at the Florida Aquarium, then see the Official Events Calendar page.

The Bays & Beaches area on our website has been broken into four pages now:
Estuaries (the area leaving Wetlands and just before Bays); Bays (including part of Bay Bottoms); Bridges & Bottoms (including sandy, rocky, and oyster bed bottoms); Beaches (and sandy shores)

A Port Of Tampa photo page has also been added.

Did you know that The Florida Aquarium has its own ISLAND? It's called Fantasy Island and you can see it here!

I have added a new Video Archive section on the website, containing a variety of videos, from The Florida Aquarium's new TV commercial, to the Animal Planet's special on the top aquariums in the world featuring The Florida Aquarium, to video clips of animals at the Aquarium. See it here!

Also, a new FREE Greeting Card service has been added (just because I could!), so enjoy!

And lastly, tons of new photos have been added. I'll let you explore for yourself! Remember that your FREE Photo Tour of the Florida Aquarium starts right here!

I hope you enjoy my site! And please feel free to share your experiences!

Dr. Tim


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