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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Florida Aquarium Parking Lot Alert

From The Florida Aquarium Management:

Please note that The Florida Aquarium is adding a “members only” lane to our parking lot entrance in early July. The lane will include an automated bar that will raise and lower when you enter your member ID number on a keypad.

Since you will need this member ID number to utilize this system, please be sure to bring your member card with you for each visit to the Aquarium.

We are adding this member’s only parking lane to make it more convenient for our members to enter the lot. Once the new parking system is in place, members will no longer have to wait in line for paying customers in queue at the manned booth.

As always, members will have access to the parking lot during regular business hours and on members’ only nights.
  • To find the member ID number on your membership card, please locate the three-, four-, or five-digit number located to the right of the “member:” heading in the middle of your card.
  • Please enter only the number; the symbol at the end (a “u” with two dots over it which looks like a smiley face) is not part of the member ID and should be ignored when you are using the keypad.
If you have any questions, please call the membership hotline at 813-273-4030. Thank you for your support!


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