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Friday, July 28, 2006

Penguins At The Florida Aquarium


New Florida Aquarium "greeters" have wings!

The Florida Aquarium's latest attraction is interative to say the least. The next time you visit the aquarium, it won't be people greeting you in the lobby. It will be penguins.

A Penguin Promenade has been added to the guest experience, with the penguins appearing to meet and greet guests in the lobby of the Aquarium. The African penguins are new to the Aquarium and provide a unique interaction for our guests.

The penguins made their first official appearance this morning. They rolled into the lobby in the Penguin Mobile and promenade on the red carpet inches away from children and their parents.

The penguins will be meeting twice daily.

These penguins still need names and the Florida Aquarium would like your help. Click
here to make suggestions.

[from Tampa Bay's 10]


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